Project management for graphic and visual designers.
A Case Study
In New York, I worked as an Art Director and designer for a company that produced and designed postage stamps for countries around the world. I managed a small team of in-house and freelance designers.

One of the challenges I faced was spending too much time on project management administration, as well as constantly needing to follow up with everyone on projects.

Another challenge was that the system was not designer friendly, and the screens and reports didn't give me the information I needed on demand.

In my preliminary research for this project, I followed conversations and surveyed designers in relevant Facebook Groups and found that they too faced similar challenges. The main issues they voiced about project management systems were:
There are a vast amount project management systems, but there aren’t many designed especially for graphic/visual designers. They are often complex, with a steep learning curve. They offer a lot of functions, which may be overwhelming and not necessary for freelancers and small businesses. Although there are free options, some are costly, which is prohibitive for freelancers and small businesses.
Crazy 8 Sketching (1-4)
Crazy 8 Sketching (5-8)
Blank Project Screen (first try)
Filled Project Screen (first try)
Project Screen
Dashboard Prototype
Filled Screen Prototype
Interactions Guide: 
1. Click Log In
2. After viewing Dashboard Interactions, Click + Project
3. Change Project Status from Not Started to In Progress to view project interactions.
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