You have no idea how this course is valuable to me!
— S. Brodowicz, YouTube viewer
Case Study: Build a Blog in Elementor Course
To create a course that teaches bloggers and beginner web creators to build and maintain an active blogging website with Elementor. No previous WordPress, Elementor, or web design experience necessary. 
Team lead including: research, course plan, outline, script, script editing, voiceover, presenter
Michael FarberResearch, course plan, outline, script, development, content, storyboard, screen recording
Simi Zelikovich: Research, course plan, outline, content
Sivan Kotek: Course plan, outline, curriculum
Sagi Glicksman: Development, steps, screen recording
Dafi Mekel: Video editing
Simon Shor: Animation
Additional thanks to Saar Kedem, Roy Eyal, Maayan Nuna, Steven P Kiridis, Shilo Eish Yemini, Doron Wolf, Asaf Rotstain, Alan Kaler and Shmuel Abramoff
Our team was all set to create a food blog for this course and were already envisioning all the delectable photos of food that would be peppered throughout the blog.

But we needed to create a story bloggers could relate to. We set about polling the Elementor community and quickly came to the conclusion that travel was the topic overwhelmingly in demand, while cooking and food came out near the bottom.

After choosing a blogging topic, we researched real travel blogs and began to craft a story. As we researched and brainstormed, a picture began to form: a former burned out corporate worker, following his passion to travel and photograph places and cultures of the world.

And so, Xander Banks was born, an accountant turned digital nomad in his mid thirties, who began photographing and writing about his lifestyle after leaving his 9-5 job to travel. He focuses on combining travel while making a living by blogging and selling digital products online. Xander writes to inspire others to follow their passion.

While Xander is a fictional character, we wrote about him as if he were a real blogger. This was to make the process of building his website more relatable to our target viewers and help them to envision applying what they will learn to their own website. 
Script sample
As Xander came to life, we continued our research by reaching outside of our team circle. We consulted with resident experts for the best practices and suggestions on using Elementor and our Kits Library to create a blog.

This was essential to ensure that not only would our bloggers learn how to create a blogging website from start to finish, but also learn blogging best practices, including how to style and manage their blog based on their specific needs.

We supplemented the course with practical tips such as choosing website colors, using emojis in text, and adding breadcrumbs to a blog site. We also added inspiration for using a blog with social media and blog monetization.

"Choosing website colors" excerpt
Some tips included in the course
The result was a 13-lesson comprehensive course on creating and managing a blog website with Elementor that has generated nearly 20,000 views on YouTube, and comments such as:
“You have no idea how this course is valuable to me!”

“Finally I understood the difference between tags and categories” 

“So well done! So useful! Many thanks!” 

“Bravo Elementor, this course was extremely helpful
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